The National - News - Motoring - 28 Apr 2012

Table of content - The National - News - Motoring (28 Apr 2012)

The bull’s out of the bag
Mercedes GL 63 AMG
Rusty Mini to fetch DH90K
A special place for the cars in my life
Chinese farmer creates wacky 140kph wind-powered vehicle
35,000 apply for 1,000 jobs
300kph Youtube motorcyclist has bike seized after tip-off
Audi buys Ducati motorcycles in deal reportedly worth Dh4.1bn
Sartorial savant
My Car
Ford’s latest SUV is certainly a looker, but
Skin-deep beauty
Cheap and cheerful, but the emphasis is on the wrong word
Finds little else to fall in love with
A Hollywood ending?
Hard-nosed, powerful and stylish, Gianni Agnelli had it all
‘I liked what I saw, I just didn’t like myself very much for liking it’
Chaotic event has ever-increasing global influence
Going back to Cali
Heat is on, UAE racing is off
Last post-er on the Bugatti
Cranking gift idea
A Wies investment
The looks of a classic and the power of a modern car make the Wiesmann MF5 a hit, says
Le Mans: Porsche 911S
Vanishing Point: Dodge Challenger R/T
The Saint: Volvo P1800
Miami Vice: Ferrari Daytona replica
Mad Max: Pursuit Special

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